Mortgages for Youtubers: Discover how to boost your chances so the banks say Yes.


There are over 50 million youtube creators* and over 1.9 billion people have a youtube account and log-in daily*. Online content creation is only set to grow moving forward. Being an online content creator is a full-time job and mortgages for youtubers are becoming more common.

More than 30,000 hours of content are uploaded to youtube every hour and it’s only set to increase. The entertainment industry is shifting online and you will want to work with someone who understands this.

Can I get a mortgage as a youtuber?

In short, Yes. You will be classed as self-employed and will need to have a minimum on 1 years tax returns and you will either be classed as a sole trader or as a limited company.

Your will be earning income via youtube ad revenue & other sources. All income must be declared to HMRC to be used for a mortgage as you would expect.

How long do I have to be self-employed for?

As an absolute minimum, you would have to have fully completed tax returns for 1 year. Moreover 2 years tax returns will be better as it will show your income as being sustainable. Finally, having 3 or more years tax returns will give a clearer picture of your income, especially if it is increasing year on year.

I am a Sole Trader

If you run your business as a sole trader then we will use your net profit. This is your income after expenses have been taken off. Your accountant will be able to send you copies of your tax returns. If you complete them yourself you can get them from HMRC online. Your tax year overviews and tax year calculations will be used to confirm your income. If you are unsure of what income can be used, then contact us and we will guide you through the full process.

I run a Limited Company

If you run your business through a limited company, we will look at your salary and divedends that are drawn from the company. Most lenders will also look at 3 months business bank statements to make sure that the income supports the drawings. You should already have an accountant in place and they can send us over the information required.

What deposit will i need?

You will need a minimum deposit of 5% of the purchase price. So if the property you are looking at is £150,000 then you will need £7,500. If your deposit is higher than 5% then this will work in your favour. Ideally, you would like 10%+ but don’t let this stop you from making an enquiry. You could be closer than you think.

Your deposit can come from regular savings, or if you are lucky enough, a gifted deposit from a family member will be accepted also.

How much can I borrow?

A rough guide would be around 4.49x your net profit if you are a first time buyer. This could be higher if you are a next time buyer and can show a track record of earnings to support the borrowing. Responsible lending is always taken into account.

If you have any credit commitments, these will be factored in for affordability. Here at DFMB, we have access to over 90 UK lenders which means there is over 90 different affordability calculations. We can do all of the hard work for you.

Mortgages for youtubers are available. At DFMB, we are a whole of market mortgage broker, with access to over 13,000 mortgage products, you can be confident you are recieving the right advice.

Can I apply if I have a low credit score?

It’s advisable you check your credit report before applying for anything. This will enable you to see your current credit score and fully credit report.

Click here for more information on how to obtain your credit report.

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